Monday, March 05, 2007

The Graveworm sends in a follow-up to Friday's sand circle story: apparently it was an art installation...from a former Special Ops Air Force worker. Er?

Oregon's libraries are in big trouble. I'm thinking that people should start chaining themselves to libraries, like they did with trees.

The correlation between Islamic art and higher mathematics has been pointed out recently, and I have to ask if that wasn't awfully obvious already. (Maybe it's just because I've been looking at Islamic designs for mosaics and the like, though.)

The Beeb is coming to YouTube, hooray!

Here's another list to argue over: the top 40 magazine covers of the last 40 years. Some I agree with, but I can think of quite a few that didn't make the list.

Defective Yeti has a great Cliche Rotation Project contest in the works. My new favorite, replacing "looking for a needle in a haystack," is "looking for a clock in a casino."

Richard Wagner, cross-dresser? It's likely, say the historians. Wow!

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Anonymous said...

I already knew a little about Wagner and his predilection for feminine clothing, perfumes, etc, as well as the story about writing Parsifal in not-so-ascetic surroundings. There's also a book called Wagner Androgyne, which seems appropriate for this topic.