Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hey, librarian is one of the coolest job options for 2006! Right above...clergy. Er?

Apparently I am a rotten librarian, because I took the "are you a librarian?" quiz (found on and ended up with a score that qualified me for "bookstore employee." I want to take a quiz asking "are you a law librarian?" and see whether I've just become extremely specialized over time or if I should look into selling pencils on the street instead.

Ben Franklin turns 300 this year (well, he would if he was still alive), and the search engine Clusty is paying tribute to the man.

The YouTube website has been nicknamed "the Flickr of video." I hadn't heard of it till now, but it looks to be interesting.

If you're looking for an alternative to Google Earth, Map24 now offers 3-D visualizations of an address. I tried my workplace address and found that it worked really well. (Okay, I was sort of hoping for an actual 3-D simulation of the building, but that's a little extreme.)

Best library weblog name ever: Dead Fish and Unnamed Substances. I wonder if these people work at the same library Bunny did a few years ago, or if some librarian types are the same no matter where you are.

Tomorrow: links from others!


Anonymous said...

haha, at least I 'can do the look'. Scored a measly 20% on the librarian test. Might be because I'm not actually a librarian, though :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently at 41% correct I am an "Aspiring Librarian"....

More like an "Expiring Librarian"


Dawn said...

I scored 66%..... Maybe I've missed my calling!

Jinnet said...

Wowzers. Maybe you and I should trade jobs! :)