Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today it's all about the spooky...

Remember Dead Body Guy, who not only was discussed on Folderol a few weeks ago but also posted a comment? Good news! He's landed a part as a dead guy in a movie! Congrats!

I'm not watching 24, but I know people who are, and they may be intrigued by the JackTracker, which uses Google Maps to track Kiefer's movements from hour to hour.

In Alberta, they've taken the Harry Potter obsession to its natural conclusion, and opened the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies. How cool is this?

A bizarre fish with a tail has washed ashore. When asked for opinions, my sources said, unanimously, "Dagon." (It turns out that the name of Dagon has roots as an ancient mythological fish-god. Who knew? Thanks, Mr. Graveworm!)

And finally, we have watched some seriously weird movies in the name of Meet Cleaver Theatre research. But we have yet to see The Calamari Wrestler. I think we should fix this ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be too hard to track the Calamari Wrestler down... We saw it up in the scifi section of Best Buy last weekend. Some weird things turn up there occasionally.