Thursday, January 19, 2006

More news about the "radical militant librarian" label: the pins and t-shirts are coming! The offerings from ALA look kind of crappy (in my opinion; maybe you're into that sort of look), but the Librarian Avengers have a great version. I think a bumper sticker would be grand.

Cool find of the day: The End of Cyberspace weblog.

If you're in Canada, you can go to Starbucks today and have a Latte for Literacy. Why don't U.S. Starbucks have something similar? Are we anti-literacy?

The New York Public Library has built a new fantastic-looking library for the Bronx. It's even environmentally friendly.

The UK Guardian lists their top 20 geek novels. I've read seven, but I think we have nine in the house. We are well on our way to geekdom! Huzzah!

Tomorrow: links from others. Stay tuned.

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