Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Today we're all over the place. We get back into the regular posting schedule tomorrow!

The grammar police are apparently called the Green Ink Brigade over in the UK. I think I like that moniker better.

Metafilter has spawned the Metafilter Projects page, which has some great links. I found Role Playing Public Radio through there, and how can you pass up something like that?

Dr. Who is coming to the Sci-Fi Channel! Hooray! No more scrambling about trying to find episodes online! Er, not that we would do such a thing.

The Fark photoshoppers are at their best when they deal with movies and toys and books. Their interpretation of Sesame Street's Bert as an action movie star is no exception. (The Indiana Jones one is especially good.)

Gwar is bizarre. Gwar action figures promise to be even weirder!

I was trying to explain the bug vacuum to Bunny over the weekend, and found the product page this morning. It's nice to bugs and even gives budding zoologists a chance to study the catch before releasing it into the wild...or their sister's bed.


bjkeefe said...

If you're talking good NPR parodies, I have always enjoyed WNYC's "Pledge This".

While looking for that link, I went to the On The Media site, and curiously enough, the first "Go" link on their home page, which is something that changes all the time, pointed to their parodies page.

It creeps me out when my browser reads my mind.

Jinnet said...

Brendan's here! Woohoo!

(Brendan is a relative. A green leaf, no less. Everyone be nice!)

Anonymous said...

GWAR GWAR GWAR can't wait for the figures! Shocker Toys looks like they make some cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

The Green Ink Brigade refers to *anyone* who writes angry/mad letters to newspapers as they frequently write using green ink (or so is claimed). Their letters seldom get published. Grammarians are a very small group indeed in this set - and quite often get their letters published.

Anonymous said...