Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Video has some sort of arrangement with the Archive of American Television, and as a result you can see a brilliant (and long - six parts!) interview with Carroll Spinney, aka Big Bird, online. There are other Sesame Street puppeteer interviews that will hopefully be added soon as well. Woohoo!

I had no idea the Star Wars kids pages were so cool. You can make droids! And test your music identification skills! And more!

More geeky fun: you can choose your own adventurous toppings with the help of the Pizza Dice (between this and the four-way rubber bands, also pictured, I love Flying Buffalo) and then serve the pizza on plates which look like Photoshop color grids. Awesome.

Has anyone tried this little gadget which apparently enables transfers from cassettes and albums to mp3 format? I have a zillion mix tapes that I want to convert.

And lastly, make your own subway service sign. You can be as polite or as rude as you like!

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Anonymous said...

haven't tried that thingy, I did convert some of the old demo tapes I had lying around to digital audio though. Seems like this thing is just a usb sound card with some more or less specialized software, so if you own a good sound card & don't mind a bit of editing you'd be just as well off with a good & simple audio editor ;) I mostly use adobe audition, but they seem to supply an oem version of nero soundtrax which should do the job just as well.