Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy birthday, Bunny! Welcome to the world of 33! See, it's not so bad.

It's also the birthday of Louis Braille. So sayeth Google, anyway. In Braille, no less.

For the morbid millionaires among us, Teardrop Memories has some beautiful things. The rest of us will just muddle through somehow. (It's still fun to look at all the stuff.)

Danny points us to the great Edge Question Center. This year's question is about dangerous ideas. Very very cool! Vive les dangerous ideas!

There was an explosion on the moon recently, and here's what it might have looked like. (Love the space art. What, there were no real photos?)

Were celtic crosses, henges (a la Stonehenge) and pyramids all ancient navigational tools? I think this is a brilliant idea. I hope it's explored! (Note to Jack Beltane: even if this turns out to be wrong, I think you should write a story about it.)

The Ghost Whisperer TV show is based on the real-life adventures of an Ohio medium/psychic/whathaveyou...that we've actually talked to! How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

RE: Teardrop Memories:

Their prices are outrageous! I'm literally tripping over most of their "morbid" decor here at work and we can get it for peanuts!

If anyone needs any funerary items just call on Bunny...he's your afterlife hook-up...holla if ya hear me!

Whoop whoop whoop!

Anonymous said...

Many Happy returns!! To quote Pink Floyd "One Day Older and Closer to Death\Hanging on in quiet desperation". I hope you enjoyed the movies. Send any comments to my email. Did you laugh all the way through "Die Hard Dracula", yet.
Stay in touch,

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Bunny :)