Friday, October 22, 2010


We'll be drawing a name out of a (top) hat tonight, and it might be yours! Last chance to enter the contest here. Watch this space for a silly video announcing the winners.

Meanwhile, it is Friday! Many thanks to everyone who sent in links.

From Zazoo: Meet the iPhone subway band! Also, a really interesting article on New York's Julius bar, which was one of the key locations in the struggle for gay civil rights.

From Josie: a song and video which brings together Mark Ronson, Boy George, Jake Shears of  the Scissor Sisters, and more!

From Mykol, who knows I have a thing for history: the BlackandWTF Tumblr.

From Cassandra: Big Pharma and academia are in bed together, it seems.

From Major League Baseball, as the playoffs continue: Were you at a playoff game? Now you can find yourself and share it on Facebook. Cool, if slightly creepy.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Academia

Universities were the first corporations, according to Dr. Thelan. ( Have I mentioned I love Thelan?haha)

One major difference between the university of yesteryear, compared to today's university, is the lack of power students have. According to Thelan, professors were viewed as employees of the students, and oftentimes feared their students. Today, it seems so different. I'd love to know what exactly caused the shift. Maybe more students, meant more money? So, less of a need to please the few.

Or the admittance of the lower classes into the university, profs didn't have to be so careful about offending powerful families? Hmmmm....fascinating topic.