Thursday, October 07, 2010

First, the important news: new ALA "Read" posters are out, featuring the Harry Potter gang. (I am told this is important, anyway...)

A Dutch airport has its own library. How cool is that?

The University of Texas at San Antonio now has a "bookless" library. I'm not sure yet if this is cool or not.

What happens to personal libraries after the person dies? The Boston Globe has a story about the book collection of one writer, which makes you think. (If the Spooky Librarians were to plunge off a cliff, someone would have a whole lot of geeky/spooky/old books to handle.)

The New York Times looks at the current state of the Chicago Tribune. It isn't very pretty.

If you'd like to do some investigative journalism of your own, the new Influence Explorer shows the contribution links among politicians, companies, and "influential individuals." It's user-friendly and rather eye-opening.

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