Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today, we're talking history. Unshelved brings us "a nostalgic reminder of a time when men were men, librarians were women, and computers were the size of rooms."

But wait! This anachronism is still in use at the Library of Congress! And speaking of the LOC, their newspaper chronicle weblog is still going strong. A recent post featured a 1910 article reporting on Theodore Roosevelt's first trip in an airplane.

Also from the government: A YouTube channel of public resource videos. (I think I may have posted this before, but they're always adding stuff.)

Picture books, according to the New York Times, are on the way out. This seems odd. [Fun library anecdote: Once, while working in a public library, B. was asked if they had any Where's Waldo? books...on CD.] Thanks to this article, however, I really want to read Monsters Eat Whiny Children.

Tomorrow: links from others, because it'll be Friday, hooray!

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