Tuesday, October 05, 2010

As cooler weather approaches, steampunk seems to be heating up. The Chicago group has noticed there are loads of events on the horizon in their area.  If you're nearer to New York, Brooklyn Indie Market is throwing the third annual Steampunk Day at the DUMBO Loft October 24th. And (jumping forward in our anachronistic time era a bit here), if you have a love for Indiana Jones 1930s-era adventuring, hop over to ConGaloosh this weekend as it celebrates the now-gone but much-loved Adventurer's Club in the world of Disney.

Even if you're at home and can't travel much this fall, fear not -- a substantial number of books are coming off the presses! We're going to be having more giveaways and reviews here very shortly as a result, maybe as soon as next week. In the meantime, check out the Mad Hatter's steampunk-themed month of books.  And for the makers and the tinkerers, Steampuffin (great name, great logo!) is hosting the 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Function Design Competition!

Yet another mention of the fantastic DeMoulin Bros. catalog pops up in an article over at The Smart Set, another set of "what will the world look like in 2000" illustrations has shown up over at Historic LOLs, and the BBC plaintively asks why travelators -- aka moving walkways, but "travelator" is such a better word -- have not become commonplace outside of airports. (They also have them in Las Vegas, for what that's worth.)

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