Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's the best time of the year -- Halloween season! Instructables has an entire Halloween category, and the always-wonderful X-Entertainment has begun their annual Halloween countdown (actually, they began it last month - they start early over there).  If you're the type of person who makes their own decorations, you might look to MRX Designs for inspiration on the spooky and cobwebby; if you'd rather decorate with the work of other artists, Annie Vicar's Dolls and Skellery site is gorgeous and suitably dark for the holidays.

It's also baseball playoff season (and my home team is in it this year so I am especially excited, even if some of their fashion choices are a little wacky); Got Medieval has illustrated proof that baseball was being played hundreds of years ago by monkeys and nuns, even. (Well, maybe.)

Meanwhile, even as fall arrives, Great Britain is STILL having festivals which involve throwing things. This week, it's horse chestnuts, thrown by people in strange costumes. I never realized the British were so violent!

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