Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This week, Folderol turns ten years old. Ten! It would be a fourth grader if it were a sentient being!

I thought about all sorts of things to do in order to observe a decade of crazy online rambling. I also thought about shutting it down, because, well, ten years is a nice round number.

What I decided to do was to not shut the weblog down, but instead to expand it a bit. Starting this week, and hopefully continuing into the future, we'll have some book reviews (as befits a supposed library weblog) featured on weekends. If you're a librarian and would like to post something, email me and let me know! There are a few books lined up already, but the first one is steampunk-themed, and I'm giving it away over at Steampunk Empire. Come read the review, check out the rules to win the book, and comment away! 

Many, many thanks to everyone who reads, writes, comments, teases, and otherwise engages with me and Folderol. It's appreciated more than you know. Thanks for ten years of fun!


B.Easterling said...

Ah... Sittin' here smilin', watching Folderol grow...

Where does the time go?

Congrats on 10 years babe! Quite an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Soon, she will be a woman!

10, double digits. Wow. It seems unreal that you have been blogging for 10 years. Wow to the 10th power.

Expanding Folderol is a nice way to properly celebrate her 10th birthday. And, of course, I'm chomping at the bit to review a book. I appreciate your generous nature, gifting your readers with an outlet for their strong opinions.