Thursday, April 22, 2010

Librarians: We're dangerous! It's true, you know. (Side story: once I helped a friend track down a high school classmate. "Wow, remind me to never piss you off," he said afterwards. "That was scary how much you found!" Mwahaha.)

This article about how having books at home helps kids at school seems like it was published by the Department of the Obvious, but perhaps that's okay. Sometimes obvious is good.

Shelf Check alerts readers that RIF is in trouble. Yikes! Also from Shelf Check: a discussion on signage, which could be part of this collection of passive-aggressive library signs. (I like the out-of-order computer sign, especially if a disgruntled librarian crafted it.)

In other librarian news, the Librarian in Black has an online store now! (We never thought of trying a Spooky Librarians store. Hm...)

Tomorrow: links from others! Thanks, all.

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