Thursday, April 08, 2010

Keith Richards thought about going to library school. Woo! (Granted, Keith Richards has probably thought about doing all sorts of wacky things while under various influences. But still!)

I'd be interested to see Keith Richards take on some vendors, actually. The Librarian in Black details the evil empires with which libraries try to get along. (In somewhat related news, we got a small volume this week in my library which costs $1195. I hope it does magic.)

ResourceShelf has a great post for anyone interested in language - a repository of pronunication guides.   There are even mp3 files included!

Another interesting resource found this week is Find out all the weird stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Local readers, check out the pop-up books exhibit going on at the Cincinnati public library!

And lastly, here is some proof that academic libraries are full of fun. Someone has analyzed all the graffiti in the University of Chicago's library bathrooms, and the University of Florida library has put out a handy zombie survival guide for students.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pronunication guides! I constantly read words that I never hear spoken, so probably half of what I say I mispronounce,TAO instead of dow, parisphone instead of persephoney.(teehee)