Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just discovered the Animal Review weblog  -- now with a book out, too! -- which is the online equivalent of going through one's childhood Safari Cards and snarking on them. Good stuff. (I was a big, big fan of Safari Cards.)

It's National Bookmobile Day! Go hug a bookmobile. Or maybe someone who drives one. If that's allowed and they're okay with it.

It is also almost National Park Week (beginning this Saturday), and to celebrate, all national parks in the U.S. are free for the week!

Also this weekend: the annual World Grits Festival in South Carolina. (Yay?)

The always-incredible Oddee features ten amazing subway stations around the world.

Moving from worldwide news to the world of the spooky...Grow House Grow has beautifully elegant wallpaper designs, inspired by personages like Aleister Crowley; Terra Vivos is planning for a post-apocalyptic society underground; and regardless of what one thinks about the recent events in Catholicism, I think everyone can agree that the current pope can look awfully creepy at times.

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