Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone!

From Julie: a recap of steampunk gathering The Great Exhibition in London!

Also from Julie: the new craze of "ring tone therapy" in Japan (?) and the always-wonderful Wondermark (with all sorts of goodies, from futurism posters to stickers and more).

From Cassandra: nuns defending the Amazon and a fantastic piece on the value of work.

Also from Cassandra: The Breakfast Club, 25 years later. I particularly like the article's take on Alison (although count me among the disgusted-by-the-makeover crowd).

Quiz time! How well do you know your advertising slogans? I scored a dismal 4 out of 11, despite having copywriter friends. Sorry, guys!

Also, how is that I am only just now learning about the Name of the Year contest and weblog? And how great is this contest? Very!

Have a spiffy weekend and/or holiday, everyone. See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Labor

Most of the history classes I took extolled the virtues of Ford, the man. His business acumen, coupled with his desire to mold human beings into efficient machines, should be emulated. His work represented THE VERY BEST of America.

I remember one of my professors said, “He was an exceptional business man.”

I remember thinking, “That’s a compliment?” I had to resist the urge to say, “Exceptional business man is the Latin phrase for: He would take the pennies off his dead mother’s eyes."

Or, “Exceptional business man is the French term for: asshole.” HAHAHAHAHA

Would it not be great if we could say exactly what we thought every minute of every day? Almost every single time I do though, I pay dearly. Why is it so expensive to be honest?