Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone! Many thanks to all the link sender-inners.

From Julie: Stephen Hawking doesn't want us to talk to aliens. I think he probably has a very good point, but I also think that no one is going to listen to him on this.

From Josie: see, this is how I imagine Earthlings will act toward aliens. "HI!"

From Cassandra: more fun animal photos, news of a giant blizzard on Saturn, an article gently suggesting that perhaps plastic surgery is a bit out of hand, and a ruling that pole dancing is not considered art.

From Bunny: Hey, remember the great web pages we made in the 1990s? Don't you want websites to look like that again? Now you can! Oy. (Ages ago, we used to trawl the internet looking for bad goth poetry to read aloud to each other. A dripping blood page separator was always a good sign.)

And finally, from the Sparkle Queen herself: an amazing book and contest called The Clock Without a Face. It's like Kit Williams's Masquerade, updated for modern times! Join the hunt!

Have a spiffy weekend and May Day/Beltane/Walpurgisnacht, everyone. See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Ballet v. Pole Dancing. The culture wars exhaust me. Tomato, tomahto.