Monday, December 08, 2008

Opera in manga form? Sure, why not? Opera Live features just that -- click on "read" and then choose "manga" to read short summaries of operas like La Boheme with anime characters.

Just in time for the holidays, there's a $500 fashion book starring Barbie. Er. You could also look at a short slideshow for free!

Yorick was going to be portrayed by a real human skull (donated by a man who wanted to be on stage after his death) in the Royal Shakespeare Company's latest production of Hamlet, but now they're not going to use it in the performance. Sad, really.

An in-depth analysis of Cinderella determines that it's all about what women want and how women hold each other back, and mother issues, and a lot more. (Cassandra, feel free to vent in the comments!)

The Poster Public Project has some great ideas. I like the first and last photos the best.

And finally, please consider making a donation to help out a scifi writer in trouble. Details -- and an awesome short story -- are at John Scalzi's Whatever.


Anonymous said...

Re: Cinderella

First off, if men are powerless, defensless and dependent, why then would women destroy each other to win the favor of them? Secondly, well, I could write a thesis on secondly. What about fathers? Huh? Fathers who squash dreams?

And, perhaps it is my Mondayish mood, but this part of the article pissed me off more than anything else:

"But Cinderella is also ahead of its time by showing us that people who have what are now uphemistically called difficult childhoods can have perfectly happy lives, can indeed live happily ever after, even if they had never been happy before. All they have to do is not betray their deepest wishes."

Work in the courthouse for a few weeks, the above-mentioned paragraph lacks insight. This author needs to check into Hotel Reality for a bit, eh?

Anonymous said...

Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. HULK SMASH!

So, ok, this Cinderella article chaps my ass (or some other phrase expressing irritation). The more I think on it, the more it miffs my muff!

I thought, according to today’s popular theories, women were inherently good-natured. Women quietly “mend and tend.” Men, on the other hand, driven by their testosterone are competitive and insensitive, hard and strong.

But this article argues the jealous natures of women push them to compete. She would drive her spiked heeled shoe into the eyes of any potential opponent to win the manprize. This, too, is a popular stereotype based on a person’s sex. So, which is it? Are we all evil bitches or are we all sweet angels of the hearth. I mean, it has to be one or the other since it is all based on biology.