Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The fabulous Dark Roasted Blend now has a constantly-updated page on steampunk. Huzzah!

I was poking around in search of others interested in both steampunk and transhumanism, and found the Traveler's Steampunk Blog had just posted about such things. Synchronicity at work! (Also note the entry on dieselpunk, which is another fave of mine. Where are the robots, I ask you?)

Good for dieselpunks, steampunks, and anyone of a mind to trap/annoy something/someone: instructions on making a net-shooting gun. I'm tempted.

Jess Nevins, a fellow librarian who is well-known in the neo-Victorian world, is posting a penny blood from 1876 titled "On the Queen's Service." Good stuff.

And lastly, this is not steampunk at all but ties into the way we think of gender now and in the future: a fascinating article and accompanying slideshow on the Muxe of Mexico, who live in "a socially sanctioned netherworld between the two genders."

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Anonymous said...

RE: Muxes

Ok, I've read similar experiences with other indigenous peoples throughout the world. What is it about "civilized people" that compels them to control and monitor the behaviour of others. Hmmm...very interesting. Will we ever figure that out?

Anyhoo, I really liked this:

What they share is that the community accepts them; many in it believe that muxes have special intellectual and artistic gifts.