Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We humans are in trouble, for cats have started to use Twitter. Thanks to Ghlaghghee, I now really want to name a cat or dog "Arglebargle."

Cassandra sent in a really good article about the Mormon vs. gay battle, written from the perspective of a former Mormon.

From space: the Hubble Advent Calendar! A new image appears each day.

The always-great Oddee lists ten unique churches, all spectacular in different ways.

If all the place names in the world were literally translated...we'd live in a really weirdly named world. The Atlas of True Names displays such a world!

Bunny can vouch for the fact that pareidolia is a normal way of seeing the world for me (what that says about me is still up for debate). The Art of Darkness shows a seriously eerie photo taken during a fire. What do YOU see?


Anonymous said...

Ooooo...the picture of the little girl made every fine hair on my body stand! Wow. Should we start a pareidolia support group? At least we now have a name for it. I guess?

I really like the Hubble Advent calendar. But, why ever are you not doing one for your dedicated readers this year?

Jinnet said...

Well, I thought we were going to be out of town for part of it, so we didn't get one this year. Oops!

Dawn said...

hahaha I love the cat's twitter!!