Monday, December 22, 2008

It's snowing in Seattle, and somehow these amazing snow sculptures are possible there. This must be super-special Seattle snow or something, because this has never worked in boring old Midwest/New England snow.

The New York Public Library has joined the Flickr Commons group, and they have an incredible amount to share.

I think I would understand street maps better if they followed the subway motif, like this map of London British motorways. [Edit: UK reader Julie points out, quite rightly, that the map is all of Great Britain, not just London. I should not post until I've had coffee.]

Kaiser Wilhelm II's Prussian palace is going to be rebuilt in Berlin. Prussia will rise again!

Discovery of the day: NOTCOT is chock-full of interesting bits. Do go check it out.


Danny said...

Oddee has libraries today :)

Jinnet said...

Note: Blogger's being annoying and not posting like it should. Hopefully Tuesday's and Wednesday's entries will be here soon!

bjkeefe said...

Nice find on the NYPL pics, but I'm mad at you for causing me to lose a couple of hours of my life. ;^)

I agree about the clarity of schematic maps, but I'd hate to have to give up the more usual kind. Somehow, it seems okay to me to lose some perspective and accept distorted relative positioning when it comes to subway maps, but I like the more accurate rendering when I'm traveling by car. I have even been able to get my bearings by noticing particular little twists and turns of the road I'm on.