Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If you're shopping for a steampunk this season, you might consider assembling a clockwork bird (or providing them with the blueprints so they can make it themselves!). Also, if you remember earlier posts about sci-fi travel posters, you might be interested in the new calendar which looks nothing short of awesome.

If you're thinking far beyond the holidays, however, there's now a handy steampunk's guide to the apocalypse. (It's a .pdf file, be warned. Hopefully the apocalypse will be Acrobat-friendly.)

Signs that steampunk may have gone an eensy bit too far: these Star Trek steampunkified wallpaper images and the recent birth of a Twitter steampunk group.

Signs that steampunk hasn't gone far enough yet: look, a steampunk brewery in Durham, North Carolina! Doesn't it make you crave one in your own town?

And finally, speaking of my own town, the Cincinnati steampunk corps are making an excursion to the Air Force museum at Wright-Patterson this weekend. All are welcome! You can even try to break away and look for aliens while there, but we will disavow all knowledge of you if you're caught.

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