Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome back! I think the bugs are all fixed, and even though this week will be erratic due to holidays and whatnot, we are back on schedule. This means arty links for your Monday!

Painting: He lived five hundred years ago, but we're still discovering new sketches by da Vinci. These were on the back of a painting.

Photography: A Flickr slideshow titled "Please Don't Divorce Us" puts faces to the Proposition 8 fight.

Writing and film: A 1937 WPA filmed interview with H.P. Lovecraft is the first I've seen of the author in person, so to speak.

Speaking of the WPA, do we need a Secretary of Culture?

Film and music and art and more: Mashed in Plastic is a tribute to David Lynch. They have a YouTube channel for their video work as well.


Anonymous said...

Re: Please don't divorce us

I love the picture of the two men holding a hunting rifle, speaks volumes, "just because you embrace gay marriage does not mean you have to give up your guns. Don't be afraid of us."

I hope it works. I really do.

bjkeefe said...

Yes, great slideshow.

Sadly, it just reinforced the feeling behind what I came over here to say: I'd love it if we had a Secretary of Culture, but I fear if we got one, the wingnuts would immediately demand that we also have a Secretary of Culture War.