Thursday, July 03, 2008

We start off today with a fun easter egg for anyone who's using Google Reader. While you're in it, press "up up down down left right left right b a" and see what happens. Shazam!

If you've been seeing new words or phrases tossed around lately and wonder about their origin, WordSpy may be able to help.

For the history buffs: Got Medieval is a great weblog full of interesting historical bits!

Gizmodo went to visit the LEGO heaquarters, and they have video! They also have the answers to all sorts of odd LEGO questions, like why there are no blonde LEGO people.

From Holly: the bizarre origins of wedding traditions. Also, McDonald's has a New Wave figurine that looks suspiciously like a member of Devo, and Devo is NOT happy about it.

From Cassandra: our planet apparently makes a lot of noise. Also from Cassandra: the Museum of the American Cocktail, the impending arrival of the robot lover, and news that cameras are being set up in order to capture proof that Britain's "big cats" exist, and oh, by the way, that invasion by Caesar might not really have happened on the day everyone used to think it did. Oops!

Have a spiffy weekend and/or holiday, everyone! See you Monday.

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