Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Right. So, um, apparently the Eucharist is being held hostage in a plastic bag in Florida. I grew up in an Irish Catholic family, so I realize this is a somewhat touchy subject...but the melodrama in this article is hilarious. Can they do an exchange for ransom?

Meanwhile, Mr. Toast is on tour! It's true. Maybe you'll see him in your town!

More travel links: Andrew Bush took pictures of people on the freeways between 1989 and 1997, and they're fantastic. If you're itching to get out on a freeway yourself, Cassandra sent in a list of recommended travel reading.

And finally, UFO sightings in the U.K. are spiking. Why the U.K.? Is it crop circle tourism season among the aliens?

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Anonymous said...

UFO sightings in the U.K. are spiking because we humans no longer take the Eucharist seriously.

I guess what amazes me most about the Eucharist story is that somebody noticed he didn't finish it. I wonder if he was the church's asshole (very church has one!)? Did people habitually keep an eye on him because of his usual antics? In church, I wouldn't notice if someone chopped up the Eucharist and snorted it. Strange. Very strange, indeed.

I don't know, maybe this particular church needs a lesson in WWJD? (teehee)