Monday, July 07, 2008

Google is celebrating Marc Chagall's birthday today. Go and look at his art; it's good for your soul!

More visual art fun: Color Wars 2008 has a great "young and now" project going on where you recreate a photo of yourself. I am SO doing this. Color Wars, in general, is a pretty amazing website; you can spend hours there!

Missing footage from the 1927 classic Metropolis has just been discovered. Wow. Can't wait to see a new version!

In literary news, NPR has expanded its book coverage (hooray!). Also, in the midst of the handwringing over today's text language, it's being pointed out that we've always abbreviated the written word, regardless of the technology. There are some interesting points about language in the article.

Over in the music world, barbershop quartet organizations are arguing. There's only one solution, of course: a musical sing-off! Hey, that's how they settle things in the dance community.

History meets music in the ancient Aztec "whistles of death." Sounds eerie.

We end with the multimedia extraganza that is the home of Public Collectors. Be sure to check out the digital section!

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