Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling uninspired this Monday? If you're in New York City, you can buy an idea for fifty cents! (Actually, it's 25 cents - you get a quarter along with an idea.)

Although it annoys some people, I totally love this sort of nitpicky stuff. I'm willing to work a job that includes checking fonts for historical accuracy!

More stuff you may not have known: did you know The Wizard of Oz was banned in schools due to its allegedly Communist ideals? And that J.M. Barrie was a little strange? (Well, you probably did know that last one. But the stories of what happened to the actual Lost Boys were new to me.)

The National Library of Ireland has an amazing and extensive online exhibit on W.B. Yeats. (I could have sworn I'd linked to this before, but apparently not.)

Spooky visual art: the work of William Hand is way out there, which makes it fascinating. For more cheerful art matters, you can take a "color sense" quiz and see what colors you should paint your surroundings. Evidently my color palettes are "Pop Art" and "Mosaic/Tapestry." (Looking at them, I'd have to agree.)


Danny said...

:) I got mosaic/tapestry and morning rose - and they seem to know theire stuff :p

Bill Herald said...

I loved the color scheme quiz. According to these marketing geniuses, I am pop art and water beads. Pretty much on target, as I crave the best of both worlds.