Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks to a collaboration with the Internet Archive, there is now a dedicated repository for NASA images. Aren't they amazing?

The ongoing debate on whether online reading is "real" reading continues. Of course it's real reading. People who read print newspapers read about fifty short entries in the process, just like reading a weblog, and no one seems to complain too much about that. (If you're arguing about reading novel-length material, however, you might have a point.)

Meanwhile, how are we going to preserve these digital stories and posts, anyway? And who will catalog stuff like the awesome YouTube videos for librarians?

Speaking of the transitory nature of information, it's the end of an era for law librarians -- Genie Tyburski is shutting down the Virtual Chase.

Here's a cheerful story about how libraries are thriving in Canada. Maybe the Spooky Librarians can invade in the near future.

Hurricane season is upon us, and you can peruse the names of the upcoming storms. You can also look at the list of retired names, including mine from 2004!

It's also almost Olympics season, and Infoplease has a huge amount of information on the Games.

Tomorrow is Friday, and that means links from others!

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