Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Steampunk bits today. Off we go:

If you're in the area this weekend, do check out the "Out of this Furnace" art show in Pennsylvania on Saturday -- it looks like great fun.

The Chrono'Nauts parade also looks like it was great fun, and there are photos to prove it! It's staggering how many conventions have taken on steampunk aspects this year.

Botropolis, which is very cool in its own right, has linked to a hilarious steampunkish R2-D2 unit made from a beer barrel. It's the ultimate multitasking bot!

Are dirigibles the way of the future? Probably not, but the New York Times has an article on them anyway, complete with slide show. I hope to travel on a blimp someday, one way or another.

The Traveler's Steampunk Blog is a new arrival on the net; go and check it out!

I confess that I do ignore a huge group of steampunk aficianados on a regular basis, not out of malice but just because I don't spend a lot of time (well, any time, really) in Second Life. However, the steampunk community there is absolutely vast. The Heliograph keeps you updated on the goings-on there, and points the way toward other community websites.

Back in the first life setting, there are always ways to make your life a little more extraordinary. Look at what Mary Robinette Kowal did to her laptop to make it steampunkily gorgeous, for example. And then, there's always the secret passageways you could build in your home...

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Steampunk summer home furnishing!