Friday, November 30, 2007

Today we have almost two weeks' worth of links from others! Many thanks to everyone.

From Bunny: Mustache TV, a game where you stick a fake mustache on your TV and then score points when it appears on objects or people. This sounds exactly like something we would have done in high school.

Cassandra and I have an ongoing project where we document examples of animals rebelling against human oppression. I sent her this story about monkeys in India, and she responded with this video of wild pigs. The revolution, it is coming!

Also from Cassandra: the Natural Bridge in Virginia is for sale (really, they've got a bridge to sell you!); children continue to be terrified of Santa, resulting in hilarious photos; the female rebels of Colombia are choosing different paths; and robot love is just around the corner.

From Holly: do your initials shape your destiny? (I hope not!) Also, Morrissey is threatening to sue NME for misrepresenting his comments on immigrants; Leonardo da Vinci may have used mirrors to create hidden images in his works; the joys and sorrows of living with roommates; a Threadless t-shirt which finally gets the whole "polar bears live in the north, penguins live in the south" thing right; and finally, be on the lookout for some very happy people with a whole lot of Guinness.

From Satori: The always-amazing Sparks have lost their minds, but in a brilliant way. From their website: “How do we best unveil our new album, Sparks as yet untitled 21st? How about playing in concert every single song off of every album that preceded it, all 20 albums on 20 consecutive nights, culminating in the premiere of our latest? That's approximately 250 songs, or for you musicians, 4 million, 825 thousand, 273 notes. Come celebrate each and every one of those notes with us!”

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

Initials shaping destiny?

Let's see...BSE..... BSE....
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy!!!!
Mad Cow Disease!!!!

Oh my jeebus...I'm gonna die crazy and stupid and alone and stupid!


bjkeefe said...

… children continue to be terrified of Santa …

There must be a Bill O'Reilly/War On Christmas joke in here somewhere.