Monday, November 12, 2007

RIP, Norman Mailer.

You can now improve your vocabulary and fight world hunger simultaneously, thanks to Free Rice. Spread the word!

Attention, artists: Gawker is looking for more work to feature on its pages. Weirdness is encouraged, I think.

Fun with paper: you can make moneygami, or build your very own Chicago!

Fun with fabric: you can make your own celebrity knitted icon (and then venerate and/or torture it however you see fit), or you can purchase a cute little rotting zombie puppet to keep you company.

You can then take your small companion, be it made of paper, fabric, or something else entirely, and go on vacation with it, photograph it, and become part of the Traveling Toys Flickr pool! (Well, you COULD. I'm just saying it's possible.)

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