Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today it's all about the Victorians. Well, except for this steampunk Dalek, courtesy of Danny (thanks, Danny!). Hee.

H.P. Lovecraft might not be Victorian, strictly speaking, but he certainly wanted to be. As part of their exhibit on all things Lovecraftian, a collection of computer games based on Lovecraft's works have been gathered together. Some are easier to install and/or understand than others (I know one game is French-only), but they're all beautifully spooky and worth a look.

Absinthe is worming its way back into mainstream culture. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Many thanks to Cassandra for the story; for additional information on the green fairy, the wonderful Curious Expeditions site explains the history and the current state of the drink. Look out for absinth, it's not the same as absinthe.

Madame Talbot's website is so full of wondrous things to look at and click on that it'll take me hours to see everything, but a quick once-over was more than enough for me to recommend it!

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