Thursday, November 29, 2007

Short soundbites today. Sentence fragments! Yes!

Want some depressing statistics? Check out the current cost of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you're looking instead for cheerful holiday gift ideas, the Library Avengers store has some new offerings.

Along the same lines, here are some great sign ideas for a library. I like the children/homeless one myself. It could make a great fundraiser!

The ABA has published a list of the top 100 legal weblogs (aka "blawgs," which I think is horrid).

Israel is planning a national library, to be located in Jersusalem. (I'm sort of surprised there wasn't one already.)

I am a little late to the podcasting craze, but even museums are into it these days! There's a wide array of listening options for those so inclined.

I saw Mary Ellen Bates at Internet Librarian last month, and she had some great tips (as always) on how to make searching easier. Her tip for this month is taken from the talk she gave, and shows how you can use all sorts of shortcuts on Google.

Tomorrow will feature links from others, and there will be a bunch of them!

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