Thursday, July 12, 2007

We're back! But we have now plunged directly into work projects and events that are eating up tons of time. We'll be back to normal on Monday. For now, why not go look at all the new photos?


Anonymous said...


The pictures were great! I'd comment on them on Flikr, but I'm not about to open a Yahoo! account just so I can log into Flikr. :P

Jinnet said...

Wait, don't you guys have a Flickr account of your own?

Anonymous said...

Yep, but we got it before Yahoo bought Flikr.

I hadn't logged in since our trip to visit Jen and Daniel back in September. Then last time I went to log in, they were forcing me to open a Yahoo account.

I closed my Yahoo account years ago. It was redundant and usless and now I resent having to open a new crappy Yahoo account just because they bought Flikr.

Even worse, I can't even close my Flikr account without opening a Yahoo account, logging in and closing my Flikr account and then having to close my new stupid Yahoo account.

I think deep down I'm just sad that most cool stuff gets a lot less fun when someone else decides to make a lot of money from it. :(