Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello, and welcome to Steampunk Tuesday! I've been going through my (gigantic) backlog of steampunk-related links and found some fun stuff. For instance, Doctor Who fans might be intrigued to see the similarities between the first Doctor and the "Doctor Omega" of 1906 French comic fame. Hmmmm.

For the tinkerers, Technovelgy has a great chronology of the odd and incredible throughout science fiction. You can study 1899 and earlier, or 1900-1949 (there are other time periods as well, if you like).

The Mascarillons are coming! Also, Tesla cars are on the way. I can't wait.

And finally, the items at the Bennett Robot Works are robots made out of found objects. They're a little industrial, a little outmoded, and a little beautiful. Good stuff.

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