Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today we bring you educational links, charitable links, and fun links, all related to libraries or museums...

Education! There is a huge and constantly updated list of library conferences out there, so no one can complain that there's no chance to learn anything new. Also, there's a new weblog concentrating on law librarians and strategic planning, and law librarians know that strategy is important when dealing with lawyers on a constant basis. (Kidding. Mostly.)

Good works! The Lubuto Library Project is wonderful, and is always in need of help. In related news, here's how to handle sending law library books overseas.

Fun! A discussion on which books enchanted you in the way Harry Potter's adventures have drawn in today's kids; a virtual wall of Monty Python videos, brought you by a law library weblog; and, finally, the Vent Haven Museum, which is just plain cool.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

As a little hellion, I loved Ray Bradbury, "Boys, Grow Mushrooms in Your Basement!", anything by Ronald Dahl, Tolkien and Edgar Allen Poe. Oh! Can't forget the Kinsey Report and the Dark Shadows series!(haha)

Did you ever get into big trouble in elementary school for reading your favorite books during your classes?

I would become so "enchanted" that I'd tune out everything.

Suddenly, I'd's quiet. So very quiet....the teacher is no longer DRONING ON AND ON AND ON ....then I'd look up. BUSTED! All eyes on me, the teacher and the entire class. I was always too cool about it, though. You'd be proud! (haha)

Which books enchanted you, Jinnet?