Monday, July 02, 2007

Someday, I would like to see the Bookcart Drill Team World Championships in person.

So if Antioch is closing, what's going to happen to the books? No one seems to quite know the answer.

Speaking of closings, a Toronto landmark is shutting down: Sam the Record Man has gone under. A photo is included, and will trigger the memory of anyone who's been on Yonge Street. Sad news. I can vouch for the store's coolness.

Meanwhile, Prince is riling up everyone with his plan to give away his newest CD with the paper. Alternative distribution methods are all the rage now. Another new option is We7, which lets you download music for free. The caveat is that a 10-second ad is attached to the song for the first month.

And hey, it's time for July 4th celebrations, complete with questionable music choices! Whee!

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