Thursday, July 19, 2007

Any weblog having anything to do with books is all about Harry Potter this week, so I shall comply and direct you to the awesome-looking celebration that will take place in Wilmington tomorrow.

Will you keep the Harry Potter series in the trunk of your car in case you get stranded without reading material? If not, what do you keep? Some people are practical, others not so much. (I have a few magazines, I think.)

I think Backstage looks like a fantastic place to work. I'd be happy to scrounge around old libraries and museums, transcribing nearly-illegible cards and rediscovering old things.

OpenLibrary is open for business, sort of! It's in a demo phase at the moment. Want to help?

Law libraries are becoming more and more virtual. (Hooray! I like virtual reference.) But do not try to strike down a brick-and-mortar library, or terrible things might happen.

And finally, here's a rundown of what's going on in the world of Library 2.0, along with a list of good weblogs to read in the interests of keeping current.

Tomorrow: links from others, and there are a lot of them! Stay tuned.

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