Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's steampunk day! One of the reasons I decided to ditch the Steampunk Librarian weblog was that so many other weblogs and forums and communities had sprung up about the genre. Now there's something for steampunk fashion, something for the steampunk home, and Steampunk Magazine just put out its second issue. There's even a weblog devoted solely to automatons now. It boggles the mind a bit.

Others have noticed the same thing. Mike Yager began to make brass goggles and eccentric spectacles and got overwhelmed with the demand, so the genre is definitely, er, gaining steam. While exploring the artists and the artisans, I found a wonderful site called SpookyPop. Why have the SpookyLibrarians not linked before to SpookyPop? Beats me. But here it is, at long last.

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