Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today we have creepy spooky stuff. You've been warned!

First, the creepy: the story of the first head transplant, which took place in Soviet Russia and involved a puppy and an adult dog. Humans are next on the list.

If sword swallowing squicks you out, you probably don't want to look at this page of x-rays. (There's no documentation of horrible accidents here, although I could tell you some stories of what our sword swallower friends have gone through if you like.)

Forget Sundance; Tromadance is going on all this week, in Utah of all places.

Hey, Rue Morgue finally has a weblog!

We all know about decay in the tangible world, but what about cyber-decay, when websites are abandoned and left to die slow, broken-linked deaths? Ghost Sites of the Web helps track down the neglected corners of the internet.

From Tim: ginger kids are becoming extinct. Who will save the redheads? (Yes, my grandfather and my husband are both redheads; no, this is not a convincing enough argument for my having kids in the near future.)

If you'd like to freak out some zombiephobes, consider Zombie Portraits. Muhahahaha!

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J. Tithonus Pednaud said...

If you like sword swallowers, perhaps you would like to see a man impaled by a sword and walk away unharmed...xray and video included.