Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Keep watching the skies! Holly sent me this report of a UFO in Chicago, and then the Graveworm added another account. Meanwhile, France's space agency is going to release all its UFO-related material online in the next month.

For those of you more interested in this planet than in others, did you know there are intricately foldable maps online for the printing? It's true!

For people more interested in other people than astronomy or geology, you can watch the history of religion develop in 90 seconds. There are lots of other similarly interesting things on the site as well.

And lastly, for those who prefer the fantastic to the tangible, take a look at the sketchbooks for Pan's Labyrinth. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

Persoanlly, I think that map of religion is a bit biased. Claiming all of Siberia because Russia was Christian makes it look like a huge spread, but population-wise ... not so much. They need to redo it based on per capita / per faith, and methinks it'd be a vastly different "world."

Just sayin.'