Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ooo, look, there's a monster librarian out there now! Sweet!

In search engine news, Google Video now includes results from YouTube in its searches, which is lovely. Meanwhile, Microsoft got caught hiring a blogger to edit entries in Wikipedia for them. Oops. (Thanks for the link, Zazoo.)

Hey, law librarians: AALL is again documenting a day in the life of a law librarian, like they did last year. Pick up a camera in February and show off what you do.

LISNews features "10 blogs to read in 2007." Impress your colleagues!

And finally, here's an interesting report on the most environmentally-conscious universities in the U.S. (My alma mater's not included, but I'm not sure of the criteria for getting listed. OU was green before green was cool, man.)

Tomorrow: links from others!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Uh. I'm afraid if law librarians documented, with any truth, their daily activites, the "profession" would wither away. Oooooo....let's do it!teehee

We should do one together! We could hire an obese homeless man to play Rabid Pit Bull Woman. My name could be Kitten, your name could be Viva. Who would we get to play Myron though??????Hmmmm....