Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy birthday Bunny! (Here is the official song of the day.) See, this age isn't so bad, is it? (If you want to send him some greetings, check out our Meet Cleaver Theatre page on MySpace!)

Also born on this date: Isaac Newton, Michael Stipe and Louis Braille (today is World Braille Day!). Wow. The planets must be aligned right on January 4th. (Hey, the World Almanac has a blog. How cool is that?)

Today we have some library videos: Cascada cavorts around a library which still has card catalogs (!). Other than that anomaly, though, this is pretty much what a normal day at work is like for me. See all those Federal Reporters in the background? Yep.

However, the OPAC replaced most card catalogs, and most OPACs suck pretty badly, when you get right down to it like the Laughing Librarian does here. (Thanks, Courtney!)

Speaking of OPACs -- if you have to deal with library technology, you might have wondered about all the mergers throughout the years. If you have, this timeline is awesome. (If you haven't, well, never mind, then.)

And lastly, for the librarian with a dark side (hi Bunny), consider this multi-volume set of villains and notorious individuals throughout history, just published!

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Bunny :)

Dig the ice skating pics!