Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am happy to report that the ALA is getting some decent "READ" posters lately. I'm particularly enamored with the Batgirl one, but Emily the Strange is also good.

Rochelle from Tinfoil & Raccoon discusses the problem of us librarians being too polite. Where is the Librarian Fight Club when we need it? (There's an addendum which links to a current argument. I don't join in on these sorts of things because I start having flashbacks to various staff meetings I've attended.)

Meanwhile, Swedish librarians are evidently pretty hot. (And look at the Stadsbiblioteket. Isn't it amazing? Rowr. )

Su Blackwell makes gorgeous sculptures from books. Consider this during your next weeding session of outdated materials.

Kimbooktu points out weird and wonderful gadgets for book people. Lovely.

A newly discovered weblog: the Pragmatic Librarian!

And finally, why not create your own catalog card before everyone forgets what one is? (Thanks, Danny!)

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