Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hi there. Today may be cold and snowing and grey, but it's also my birthday! I'd endorse the texting of drinks, except that they don't seem to have this technology in the U.S. yet, more's the pity. I guess we'll have to do with just links, then.

If you've ever watched an ad and thought "I could do better," try out the Ad Generator!

From the excellent Brass Goggles, I direct you to Eccentric Genius, who makes incredible steampunky objects. In a similar vein, the rulers of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are coming up with some great ideas, like a robotic Dalek pumpkin.

And lastly, since January is all about list-making, check out 5ives for some wonderful lists.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mirthday!

So, we must do something new and different-or something old and the same. It matters not, as we always have fun.

My self esteem is at an all time low as your comments continue to reject my words.

Darren Chase said...

Holy Toledo Batman! Happy (late) Birthday! Own it, share it, make a wish, make it Spooktacular.