Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today is the Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-Thon, in honor of the tenth anniversary of his death. If you have some ruminations on Sagan, post them today!

On to the spooky stuff. Why haven't I heard of Seahenge before?

The H.P. Lovecraft Society wishes you a happy holiday, and warns you to look out for fishmen. Sherlock Holmes is apparently on the case, however. Perhaps he can explain Cryptomundo's top 10 mysterious animals of 2006; the last one is my favorite.

Despite the Christian holiday coming up, there are a few new books out arguing that Satan has gotten a bad rap through the centuries.

In one of the creepiest forecasts I've ever heard, scientists discuss the advent of implanting false memories. Aieeeeeeeeeee.

I'm taking off Friday, so tomorrow will be a combo post of library links and links from others!


Danny said...
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Danny said...

OK is it just me that read Santa instead of Satan? :p