Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wow, lots of links from others today. Thanks, everyone!

First off: the ten library stories that shaped 2006. Yes, the tasering incident is included.

From Holly: a great rant about Pachelbel and an Indian ad for Peugeot.

From the Graveworm: detecting pythons.

Both the Graveworm and Satori sent in this story about Komodo Dragons - here's Satori's report in full.

They have just discovered that Komodo Dragons can self fertilize! There have been two females in two different zoos that have never mated or mated over two years ago but produced fertile eggs.

I’ve never heard about this phenomenon in any reptiles even though I was taking 200/300 level Biology classes in college, including Genetics!

Maybe David Icke is on to something and The Virgin Mary was really a Lizard Person...

Also from Satori: the Iams Cat Stare-Off! Can you outlast the cat?

From Courtney: lots of cats! Also, the official site for the Bodies Exhibition.

And finally, NORAD is tracking Santa again this year (that's Santa this time, Danny, not Satan!), and they're getting increasingly high-tech about it on their website.

I'll be off tomorrow and back on Tuesday or Wednesday, most likely. Happy holidays, everyone!


bjkeefe said...

Don't think you can take off for the holidays without fulfilling the tag!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Komodo Dragons story:

Oddly enough it is rare but not uncommon that many types of female reptiles can self fertilize under "stressful" conditions (i.e. no studs roaming about). Supposedly their brain goes into a primeval "survival mode" increasing productivity in their sexual glands to make up for the lack of male DNA...sorta like becoming a short term hemaphrodite for perputuation....'s a pretty wild mechanism. Makes you wonder what else the brain is capable of. :)

Dawn said...

Makes me glad that *I* don't self-fertilize when I haven't had a date in awhile!