Monday, December 11, 2006

Today, we're featuring DIY art! Penguin is letting you design your own book cover, and Beck wants you to design his latest CD artwork. Let your imagination run wild!

Along the same lines, an enterprising TA asked students to draw a turkey for the last question on their exams. Some students are more artistic than others...

Today I learned about horror vacui, the fear of empty spaces that leads to filling up rooms with knick-knacks and coloring in every available space of paper. I can understand the paper part, at least.

If you remember the fiasco of "who do you look like" MyHeritage photos from last week, you will appreciate Banterist's examination of who most resembles the six wives of Henry VIII -- or, as MyHeritage reports, the six wives of Jake Gyllenhaal. Yeah, there are a few bugs in the system.

For people into LEGOs and rock bands: Brickshelf reproduces some famous lineups!

For people into skulls: I Want Your Skull is your own little bit of cyber-paradise.

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