Friday, December 15, 2006

[Addendum: Folderol is switching over to the new! exciting! version of Blogger, so there may be some issues to work through. Just a heads-up.]


bjkeefe said...

One minor issue is that Bloglines told me you had 25 new posts!

This is a known issue -- switching over does this to everybody, according to Blogger help. But it's a one-time thing.

I switched a while back, and I'm mostly happy. The faster publishing, by far, makes every minor glitch quite tolerable.

Let me know if you experience any weirdnesses. I've gone through some of them, and may at least be able to make comforting sounds.

Dawn said...

I had mass problems of many types when I made the switch.... I wish you better luck.

Within a week I said screw it and set up a WordPress blog which is awesome btw.

Jinnet said...

It's been frighteningly problem-free so far. I expect there will be a meltdown when I'm least expecting it. :P